About Kushi

I was born into a Slovak Christian family under the full moon, in the middle of the summer, on Lammas Day. The Sun was in the sign of Leo and the Moon was in Aquarius.

Having graduated from high school, I moved to the Czech Republic, where I have been living since then.
I am also using the name Kushi, meaning Happiness. This name I recieved as a part of Shaktipat initiation from Anandi Ma, the Indian master of Kundalini Maha Yoga tradition. I spent three years integrating that name and then started to use it also outwardly.

The question Who Am I? and a great Love for God have always been with me.

The spiritual path as interpreted by the Church was not enough for me already when I was a child. I started talking to Jesus in my heart and was looking for more answers.

When I was at a high school I started to experiment with natural medicine, which enabled me to experience the unity of everything in a single point. This inspired me to search further and to give my experiences a written form of expression in a variety of essays and discourses.

At the age of seventeen I started studying old Yogic and Dzogchen texts, practising Dream Yoga, and reading Osho’s books. I was remembering and waking up. Everything suddenly started to make a deeper sense.

After studying psychology in Prague for a short time, I moved to Moravia, where I lived for seven years in a meditation centre belonging to my then partner. I was managing the place and organizing many events there.

This provided me with an opportunity to explore many styles of self-inquiry and an opportunity for my own growth. Our effort to live in a commune taught me a lot about human relations. I started with everyday meditation, exercise, healthy diet and also travelling around the world to attend seminars and trainings. My body and my whole radiation changed.

I met my teachers, both men and women, and first strong visions and mystic experiences happened.
The perception of fine energies and vibrations opened in me; old shamanic gifts came back. I started to see the connectedness of the world.

Spontaneously, I remembered some past incarnations. This all was happening with a breathtaking speed since I was 18 years old, and being 25 I felt like 45.

As time went by, my sitting in meditation – mostly in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi – made me strongly anchored in the consciousness of the Observer, or the Higher Self, the non-dual consciousness, but the shadows of lower levels were not integrated enough yet to let the light fully in and create an integrated life.

With the help of constellation and shamanic breath trainings I was working through the energies of my family line and its burdens, through the prenatal period, birth and my childhood.

I was healing and transforming fears and pains originating in past lives lived long ago.

Crucial to my journey were also spontaneous initiations of Kundalini awakening, which took place during my largely individual travels between 2009–2013 to Egypt, Peru, Hawai and South of France, where I was re-tracing the steps of Mary Magdalene with my then spritual guide Kalyani, and during darshans with Mother Meera, which I have been attending since 2007.

In 2012 I received the Shaktipat initiation from the master Anandi Ma. By this I connected with the “Indian” current, which my soul had followed already in the past and which was fully anchored in me in 2018 when joining the Sacha tradition through initiation from the awakened friend and master Naropa.

My contact and connection with the Goddesses and Deities Ganesha, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali grew stronger. The two lineages merged into one current aiming for awakened consciousness. I perceive being supported from both traditions in the spirit of freedom.

I am fully dedicated to the inner master in me while accepting guidance from those who have something to give me. The freedom to follow my inner guidance is very important to me and I strongly resonate with the Sacha tradition principle: "Unconditional love is the motivation of the masters of the Sacha tradition. It originated in Hinduism, but it traversed the banks of religion. Typical of this shaktipat tradition is the diversity in expression of it’s masters. Communally is the mission to enable Parivartan, the shift of consciousness."

Since 2011 I have been sharing my gifts and experience from my own journey with my clients in the form of individual and group meetings, rituals and pilgrimages to places of power. This work is the natural breath of my soul and I feel honoured to live this. This came through a calling; there was no motivation to do this at the beginning of my journey. It all started happening by itself through various strong situations, people and guides, who kept inviting me into this role.

Meeting my husband Ramin in 2015 and giving birth to our daughter Kaila made all the experiences deeper and enriched them with a new dimension.

In 2017 Nammo and me wrote the ebook The Light of a Conscious Relationship and bought a historical house at the periphery of the village of Bouzov. In following years we built a transformational centre and a Heart Oasis here and also here our son Aurelius was born in the spring of 2022.